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Summary: Mutant troponin I increases aortic and myocardial stiffness and engenders histologic abnormalities in fruit flies.

Summary: Fruit fly populations that have evolved greater accuracy of eclosion rhythms show enhanced gating of their eclosion by circadian clocks but not reduced variation in clock-independent developmental processes.

Summary: The PcG protein SFMBT2, essential for placenta development, is distributed mainly to repetitive elements in trophoblast stem cells, arguing for an architectural role in stem cell maintenance.

Summary: Requirement of a putative serine threonine kinase 2 (PBANKA_0311400) for Plasmodium berghei liver stage development.

Summary: A mutagenesis study reveals that the higher-order structural states of the RBP FXR2P in neurons can be regulated by manipulation of the LC and RNA-binding domains.

Summary: Inner ear-specific downregulation of Dach1 reveals that the epithelial–mesenchymal transition is crucial for the generation of the stria vascularis.

Summary: Dynamic mechanical compressive stress loading applied to two different breast cancer cell lines results in mechanical stress-induced cell damage (MSICD) composed of apoptosis and necrosis.

Summary: The current study shows that neither continuous nor intermittent exposure to a 50 Hz magnetic field at 100 µT induces DNA damage in cardiomyocytes.

Summary: Marijuana induces early arrhythmogenesis and increases contractility in Drosophila. Our approach using this animal model allows us to carry out screenings to explore the impact of cannabinoids.

Summary: The external digestive epithelium of the primitive animal Trichoplax adhaerens includes secretory cell types and secretory products much like those in the internal digestive systems of other animals.

Summary: Three DMRT family genes, vertebrate dmrt1, arthropod dsx and nematode mab-3, involved in sex determination and primary sex differentiation have no orthologous relationships, indicating independent evolution in bilaterian animals.

Summary: We identified that HDAC3 and HDAC8 are required for the assembly and elongation of the primary cilia.

Summary: YFR016c/Aip5 binds to the polarisome components Bud6 and Spa2 and supports the polarisome in the formation of actin cables in yeast cells.

Summary: Here we show for the first time that discoidin domain receptor 1 associates with and stabilizes N-cadherin cell–cell contacts in vascular smooth muscle cells.

Summary: We define the spectrum of phenotypic abnormalities linked with Col4a2 disruption and demonstrate the opportunities the Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders (DMDD) program offers for exploring rare human diseases.

Summary: Our study demonstrates the role and clinical relevance of miRNA-138 and HIF1α in melanoma cell growth and metastasis, providing a novel therapeutic target for suppression of melanoma growth and metastasis.

Summary: Conditional deletion of Rptor in retinal progenitor cells demonstrates that mTORC1-signalling is critical for visual pathway development and function.

Summary: Our 3D ultrastructural analysis of multiple brain regions shows distinctively different sizes and shapes of mitochondria in the presynaptic terminal and postsynaptic dendrite.


Summary: We present a sensitive single-molecule (sm)FISH application for the identification of individual mRNA transcripts and their spatial distribution in 3D in whole human colon organoids.


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