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Summary: Our Drosophila studies indicate the lack of a marked, coordinated response towards unanchored poly-ubiquitin in flies, suggesting that untethered ubiquitin chains are not necessarily problematic in intact organisms.

Summary: Analysis of published results suggests that two stochastic allocation steps in chimaeric mouse blastocysts, without the geometrical sampling mechanism proposed previously, could explain much of the variation among aggregation chimaeras.

Summary: Numb regulates cortical cell tension, which is necessary to maintain proper cell shape and packing density during mammary duct elongation.

Summary: We determined the relationship between the cyclic strain of culture membrane and cellular gene expression, from which the most effective strain for tenogenic differentiation of stem cells was elucidated.

Summary: The modifications in fatty acid composition and cryoprotectant levels, as elements of its changing physiology, play important roles in the overwintering success of the pine wood nematode.

Summary: A predator-naive carp can recognize its natural predator, and this recognition can be intensified by prior experience with a predator or the presence of a conspecific.

Summary: An investigation of the chromatin landscape of mouse nephron progenitors across their life span supports the view that old nephron progenitors are epigenetically poised for differentiation.

Summary: Our study shows that the growth factor VEGF-A stimulates synthesis in endothelial cells of a proto-oncoprotein and protein kinase, Tpl2, and this is required for signal transduction and angiogenesis.

Summary: Glutamine-dependent anaplerosis is essential to cell growth and closely associated with mTORC1 activation and mTORC2 inactivation, and impedes cellular senescence particularly associated with p16INK4A.

Summary: We reveal that dietary iron restriction leads to a reduction in hepatic inflammation, oxidative stress and fibrosis in rats fed a choline-deficient L-amino acid-defined (CDAA) diet.

Summary: We provided large-scale proteomic profiling of vascular endothelial cells in colorectal cancer with quantitative information, a number of potential antiangiogenic targets and a novel vision in the angiogenesis bio-mechanism of CRC.

Summary: The combination of light sheet fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry allows assessment of proliferation and tumor growth of human GBM inside zebrafish, making it a useful model to identify effective anti-proliferative agents in a preclinical setting.

Summary: Coronary ischemia/reperfusion-induced injury in gonadectomyzed male rats is decreased by testosterone, protection is increased by blocking its 5α-reduction and blocked by inhibition of its aromatization.

Summary: Exposure of rats to lipopolysaccharide during gestation induced autistic-like behaviors in the juvenile offspring. Daily postnatal pioglitazone treatment abolished cognition impairments as well as brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotensin disturbances.

Summary: The scorpion Tityus silvestris, despite not presenting chiasma, performs initial stages of the recombination process and maintains the homologues synapse and different epigenetic modifications until late stages of meiosis I.

Summary: This paper has a great importance for understanding karyotype evolutionary dynamics in neotropical freshwater fish, focusing on repetitive DNA and the role of inversions in Crenicichla.

Summary: We revealed that ob/ob mice under fast food diet (FFD) regime develop metabolic, histological and transcriptomic dysfunctions similar to human non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Summary: Our report of an essential regulation role of hedgehog signaling and autophagy on osteoblast differentiation may contribute to research on bone development biology, hedgehog signaling and the autophagy pathway.

Summary: miR-340 in the exosomes released from BMSCs are transferred to endometrial cells, which regulate gene expression, repress endometrial fibrosis and promote functional recovery in rats subjected to mechanical damage.

Summary: Fundamental physiology of the bovine trophectoderm and hallmarks of the self-renewing undifferentiated ‘trophoblast stem cells’ are interpreted through systematic analysis of the cellular proteome and transcriptome.

Summary: Intercellular transfer of P-glycoprotein forms stable multi-drug resistance, which complements the formation mechanism of MDR and indicates that new treatment strategies need to be designed to overcome MDR.


Summary: We developed an advanced, accessible and adaptable correlative light and electron microscopy pipeline for study of neuron-glia cultures and demonstrate its power by deriving accurate 3D models of myelinated axons.

Summary: We propose a GMA embedding method that preserves fluorescent signals without the need for antibodies. The method complements whole-mount methods especially if advanced imaging technology is not readily available.

Summary: We established the mitochondria-targeted mass spectrometry probe MitoA for H2S detection in vivo in the animal model Poecilia mexicana for the first time.

Summary: MenSC isolation by directly lysing the red blood cells not only guarantees substantial amounts of superior MenSCs with low passage number, but also is time efficient and economical.


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