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Summary: The CS-induced model showed M1 and M2-related genes and chemokines, whereas the PPE-induced model showed a downregulation of M2- and an increase in M1-related genes and chemokines.

Summary: hMSCs retain their stemness by delaying senescence when expanded in vitro on soft polyacrilamide gel.

Summary: Systematic variation of the levels of a transcriptional reporter plasmid, its trans-acting factors and transcription factor binding sites reveals properties of a retinal enhancer during development.

Summary: Mitophagy is critical for removing damaged mitochondria and maintaining cellular health. Here, the influence of high glucose and TXNIP on mitophagy-lysosome axis dysregulation in human retinal pigment epithelium is revealed.

Summary: Knockdown of penner/lgl2 leads to a breakdown of the outer plexiform layer and the outer limiting membrane in the zebrafish retina due to impaired cell adhesion.

Summary: Synapses involve the adhesion function of latrophilins within existing neuronal extensions. We show that latrophilins engage the actin cytoskeleton, both constitutively and upon ligand stimulation, to dictate cell extension patterns.

Summary: Comparative transcriptome analyses of cloned and in vivo fertilized pre-implantation embryos: transcriptional defects and reprogramming barriers in porcine somatic cell nuclear reprogramming.

Summary: Inhibition of CHD4 expression impairs cell proliferation and survival through downregulation of ERBB2 signaling and block of autophagy. Therefore, CHD4 should be considered a potential target in ERBB2+ breast cancers.

Summary: Insect cell lines sensitive and resistant to entomopathogenic toxins were developed. Comparative transcriptomic analysis performed on these cell lines provides new information about mechanisms of toxins toxicity.

Summary: Hatchling geckos from current temperature incubation tolerated cold better than hatchlings from future temperature incubation. The developmental shift in cold tolerance persisted for 6 months, and could therefore influence hatchling survival.

Summary: Overproduction of PGE2 causes inflammation and cancer and its blockage results in serious physiological consequences. This study investigated the novel roles of PGE2 in early vascular development of zebrafish.

Summary: α-terthienyl, an exudate of the marigold, effectively penetrates the nematode hypodermis in Caenorhabditis elegans dauer and Meloidogyne incognita J2 larvae, and exerts nematicidal activity through oxidative stress induction.

Summary: Using transgenic mice with a dominant-negative form of Mastermind-like1 and Cyp19-Cre and Tpbpa-Cre drivers, we found that dominant negative inhibition of canonical Notch signaling in trophoblast cells does not disrupt placenta formation.

Summary: The motion characteristics of human roller skating are studied using the theory of mechanism design. The skating inverted pendulum is used to describe roller skating with one supporting leg.

Summary: A subset of TAFs has been identified as regulators of NSC identity in Drosophila, which could inform human neurological disorders linked to TAF variants.

Summary: We evaluated the effect of intracerebroventricular microinjections of adrenergic agonists at increasing concentrations, and μ1 and μ2-adrenergic receptors antagonists on blood pressure and urinary sodium in hypertensive low- and normal-protein rat offdpring.


Summary: We expressed the fluorescent fusion protein, ClopHensor, for the first time in a multi-well format to assess for bicarbonate and chloride exchange by an endogenous oxalate transporter in CHO cells.


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