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Summary: Our findings support a role for SMN and Drosha in regulating rRNA modification, possibly by affecting snoRNP or regulatory RNP activity, and demonstrate that etoposide impacts rRNA modification.

Summary: In sperm, velocity is often traded off for viability. However, we show here that in sand gobies, sperm-duct gland content increase velocity without reducing viability, thus mitigating such a trade-off.

Summary: Colonization by the homologous symbiont, Symbiodinium goreaui, resulted in greater glycogen synthesis and ammonium assimilation capacity in the host than when it was colonized by a heterologous symbiont (S. trenchii).

Summary: Endogenous Sonic hedgehog protein in the hippocampus is undetectable at birth but increases continuously during postnatal development and remains at readily detectable levels in the mature brain.

Summary: Daytime and night-time temperatures that organisms experience in fluctuating environments can determine thermal performance and have implications for predicting the impacts of diel asymmetric warming under climate change.

Summary: The Notch pathway ligand protein Jagged1 undergoes multiple catalytic cleavages, regulated by Adam proteases and the gamma-secretase complex, during mammalian lens development, similar to Notch receptor proteins.

Summary: We confirm eastern indigo snakes possess a physiological resistance to pitviper venom and speculate that venom resistance in snakes may be a product of antagonistic interactions and phylogenetically conserved traits.

Summary: Carbohydrate metabolism in L3 of A. simplex is affected by temperature shock and by starvation. The metabolic shift from glycogen to trehalose suggests that blocking or silencing the trehalose synthesis pathway could be a limiting factor for Anisakis life and development.

Summary: This study provides a rare connection between beta catenin and ectodysplasin A receptor in an endoderm derived tissue and presents a potential mechanism for collagen accumulation in the prostate.

Summary: In this paper, we show that Notch promotes the tendon development by inducing Stripe expression in leg discs and that both Stripe and Odd-skipped are required to form tube-like tendons.

Summary : Toxoplasma gondii recruits various host organelles to enable parasite intracellular development. We describe a new role for TgGRA3 in modulating the host anterograde transport by binding to the Golgi apparatus.

Summary: N-Cadherin adherens junction formation in the Drosophila larval eye imaginal disc is controlled by the combined functions of the p21-activated kinase Mbt/PAK4 and the kinases Src64 and Src42.

Summary: The hypoxia-avoidance behavior of a marine annelid was suppressed by a TRPA1-specific inhibitor. Our dataset suggests that the possible hypoxia sensor for hypoxia-inducing behaviors of this marine annelid is TRPAbasal.

Summary: Adventitious roots originate from cambia of cut radish taproots. This process depends on the auxin-dependent reprogramming of cambial regulators and the activation of canonical adventitious root regulators.

Statement: IRM proteins mediate adhesion between escort cells and the germline cells, promoting short range signaling required for escort cells’ encapsulation of germline cells.

Summary: We present a hitherto overlooked polybasic motif as functional domain in the early mature region of prion protein which interferes with ER import and requires compensation by chaperone-mediated Sec61 gating.

Summary: Loss of CgA directs neuroblastoma differentiation toward S-type, which synergize the anti-proliferative effects of AKT/MEK inhibitors, suggesting a novel treatment direction.

Summary: qPCR analysis for de novo transcription of hox genes suggest that temporal collinearity is not held for all hox genes during early development of Xenopus tropicalis.

Summary: We discovered that the mitf mutation, causative for nacre-albinism mutation in zebrafish, sensitizes for glomerulopathy-induced by puromycin aminonucleoside (PAN) and developed a fish water treatment-model for anti-proteinuric drug screenings.


Summary: We demonstrate a robust algorithm to count and extract morphology of model organisms, including shape-variant mutants, enabling measurements of large numbers of individuals without substantial time or labor.

Summary: Appropriate culture methods for sea urchin immune cells provide an invaluable and amenable model for answering immunological questions while limiting the use of mammalian organisms.


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