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Summary: Merzouga sand dunes are among Morocco’s extreme environments. This unexplored ecosystem represents a habitat for the isolation of a high diversity of actinomycetes with antimicrobial potential and biotechnological applications.

Summary: The investigation of the relaxing effect of extract and fractions of the stem bark partition of Terminalia fagifolia on aortic rings is a pioneering study involving the participation of K+ channels, which demonstrates a potential alternative therapeutic method for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Summary: Zebrafish harbouring two loss-of-function alleles of the single duox gene exhibit various adult phenotypes reminiscent of human congenital hypothyroidism.

Summary: Asymmetric joint moment adaptations occur for unilateral transfemoral amputees to compensate for replacement of the biological leg with a passive prosthetic knee joint and running-specific prosthesis.

Summary: In yeast mitochondria the Gcn5 protein is present in the mitoplasts and is localized in the inner mitochondrial membrane. Its deletion affects the mitochondrial phenotype and is related to a marked decrease of mitochondrial DNA content.

Summary: UVB irradiation upregulates Otx2 in mouse lens epithelial cells. Otx2 overexpression induces the epithelial–mesenchymal transition and alters gene expression and characteristics of lens cells, likely contributing to cataract formation.

Summary:Pleurotus ostreatus mnp6 and vp3 could degrade cotton stalk lignin and may preferentially degrade S-lignin.

Summary: Here, we demonstrate n-3 PUFA biosynthesis in the copepod Apocyclops royi from Taiwanese aquaculture pond systems using fatty acid profiling and gene expression analysis.

Summary: Microscopy observations and pharmacological experiments revealed that the rapid coiling of a non-motor microtubule-based motile organelle, the haptonema, is explained by conformational changes of microtubules, including twisting and writhing.

Summary: The transcription factor FOXF1 is expressed in liver fibroblasts and regulates fibrosis by repressing pro-fibrotic genes. FOXF1 prevents aberrant extracellular matrix depositions during hepatic fibrosis.

Summary: Low-dose ionizing radiation can reduce cell death by regulating AKT/p38 signaling pathway and improve Aβ42-induced symptoms in Drosophila Alzheimer's disease, suggesting that low-dose ionizing radiation may be applicable for treatment.

Summary: Septate junctions seal the somatic enclosure around maturing spermatids in Drosophila testis. The junction integrity, maintained by Dlg1 and NrxIV, is essential for keeping the somatic enclosure intact until the mature spermatids are released.

Summary: We show the involvement of ERK1/2 and NF-κB pathways in the stimulation of mouse Adam17 expression and determine functional Elk-1- and NF-κB binding sites in its promoter.

Summary: Cux2 in the lateral plate mesoderm refines the forelimb field via regulation of Raldh2 and Hoxb genes in chicken embryos.


Summary: Little is known about diphyodont development in large animals. Our pilot trial characterized this gene expression and developed an alternative method to track diphyodont development in pigs.


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