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Summary:Nanog is a key factor for pluripotency, but we show that it has further roles during gastrulation by regulating lineage determinants such as Pou3f1.

Summary: Our findings show that one polypore fungal species Microporus xanthopus strain, KA038, can produce high endoglucanase yields through optimizing production conditions.

Summary: Inhibiting mTOR by rapamycin delays pupation, reduced body wall contractions and mouth-hook movements while synaptic transmission appeared normal in larval Drosophila.

Summary: Our study shows that there were no effects of paternal natural antibody line, increased embryonic testosterone exposure or the interaction of both on immunocompetence of chicks.

Summary: We generated a mouse model similar to human myeloproliferative disease-like phenotype. Mutations in Atg4b and overexpression of TMEM207 may lead to myeloproliferative disease in the present model.

Summary: Fruit fly germline stem cell differentiation is accompanied by major changes of the transcriptome that may be regulated at the post-transcriptional level.

Summary: Identification of a phosphate-solubilizing fungus and its first report in the application as a biological fertilizer.

Summary: The gelling mucin MUC5B is essential for the mucociliary clearance at adulthood. Here we show that Muc5b-deficient mice exhibit an early lung inflammation that may lead to respiratory distress.

Summary: Star-PAP is an important regulator of miR-449a/34a and was first identified indirectly regulating TPD52 via modulating miR-449a/34a. Furthermore, Star-PAP-miR-449a/34a-TPD52 axis is involved in proliferation and apoptosis of breast cancer cells.

Summary: Here we demonstrate that inconclusive molecular readouts of drug exposure may be due to a highly heterogeneous cellular response associated with distinct cell lineages within a primary cell population.

Summary: Our findings provide proof of principle that microRNAs may be useful for the future development of novel therapeutic strategies in HPS.

Summary: In this study, we show that the conserved metalloprotease invadolysin is present in invertebrate hemolymph and vertebrate blood, suggesting the protein may function in organismal physiology.

Summary: Cephalopods are trending as new model organisms in development and EvoDevo. Octopus insularis embryos can be easily maintained in laboratory conditions and are amenable for live imaging.


Summary: The two leading methods of measuring the critical oxygen threshold in fishes are similar in their estimations, regardless of changes to water chemistry.


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