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Summary: Maternal protein degradation is one developmental event leading to acquiring totipotency. PIASy is identified as a maternal protein that is degraded for accomplishing zygotic transcription and development.

Summary: This paper casts doubt on the classical chromatographic theory of olfaction, showing there is no correlation between olfactory receptor spatial layout and odor solubility patterns, a necessary condition of the theory.

Summary: Our experimental immunological study on European bats provides new information on the functionality of the immune system in hibernation. For this we challenged bats with a fungal antigen and measured different immunological parameters.

Summary: The heterogeneity and plasticity of macrophages will be helpful for the understanding of pathologic mechanisms and the prevention of swine infectious disease.

Summary: The conserved microtubule-associated protein CLASP/Peg1/Cls1 bundles microtubules of the metaphase spindle in fission yeast. Unlike its conventional role in anaphase, this CLASP function does not depend upon Ase1/PRC1.

Summary: This is a contribution to understand toxigenic relationships between cyanobacteria and invertebrates because such interactions, still largely unexplored, may dramatically influence the ecology of several species associated with seagrass ecosystems.

Summary: We examined the cellular response of Oxya chinensis against bacterial challenges. We showed that two types of haemocytes shared the duty of phagocytosis.

Summary: Heparan sulfate chains in Drosophila adult intestinal stem cells negatively regulate stem cell proliferation and differentiation to control tissue homeostasis under physiological conditions.

Summary: Long non-coding RNA SNHG1 can facilitate the progression of acute myeloid leukemia by targeting an anti-tumor miR-101, and the upregulation of SNHG1 can predict poor prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia.

Summary: Acid sphingomyelinase (ASM) regulates palmitoylated protein trafficking and localization.

Summary: Here we show that expression of activated β-catenin in a subset of early hepatocytes is sufficient to drive liver tumorigenesis. Heterogeneity in β-catenin activation continues during HCC progression.

Summary: Exercise training prevents lipotoxic cardiomyopathy induced by a high-fat diet or cardiac dSir2 knockdown in old Drosophila.

Summary: Mitochondrial calcium overload causes mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. Inactivation of mitochondrial calcium uniporter reverses mitochondrial calcium overload and rescues dopaminergic neurons in our zebrafish models of Parkinson's disease.

Summary: We demonstrate the essential roles of Atox1 and CCS copper-trafficking chaperones in Drosophila development and aging. We also provide insights for their therapeutic exploitation as cisplatin regulators during cancer chemotherapy.

Summary: Lineage tracing shows that ablation of prostate luminal cells reactivates adult basal cell multipotency, while luminal–basal cell contact inhibits basal stem cell activities in organoids.


Summary: We provide a set of simple quantitative measures to compare morphological variation in size, shape, and structure of insect wings across species, families and orders.


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