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Summary: Patients with intellectual disabilities carry a F265L mutation in TUBB2B β-tubulin gene. Yeast used as a cellular model reveals spindle mis-positioning associated with reduced yeast EB1 affinity for microtubule plus-ends.

Summary: This study examines the localization of malaria parasite centrin PbCEN4 at the parasite MTOC during closed endomitosis and shows it to be dispensable for proliferation.

Summary: The phases of spheroid formation resemble different stages of cell contact formation. This facilitates studying the temporal contribution of molecules in this process.

Summary: This manuscript describes a putative mechanism by which folic acid modifies epithelial cell shape during morphogenesis, shedding light onto the mechanism by which folic acid may prevent neural tube defects.

Summary: Pacific spiny dogfish rotate the inside pectoral fin consistently about three axes during yaw turning, which correlates with turning performance. Stimulation experiments confirm hypotheses about muscle function in controlling actuation.

Summary: Histone H3 chaperone CAF1 maintains cell fate by repressing ectopic expression of genes for cell fate-specifying transcription factors. Accumulation of histone variant H3.3 correlates with defects in cell-fate maintenance.

Summary: IL-31 plays dual roles, acting as an early inflammatory mediator promoting the secretion of chemokines to recruit inflammatory cells and subsequent negative feedback pathway for suppressing the magnitude of type 2 inflammation.

Summary: Estrogen plays a significant role in AIS and studying the regulation of ADGRG7 by E2 in AIS cells is essential for understanding molecular mechanisms underlying AIS pathogenesis.

Summary: We determined mechanical properties of wings under load in three fly species. Fly wings broadly deform similar to homogenous beams. Veins and joints shape wing mechanics and govern wing deformation during flapping flight.

Summary: The role and mechanism of cholesterol-rich membrane integrity in pain development for small-fiber neuropathy remains unclear. Depletion of membrane cholesterol contents preserves functional PAP profiles and the antinociceptive effect after RTX neuropathy.

Summary: Here we show that both retrograde intraflagellar transport motor proteins and IFT-A adaptor molecules play a role in aminoglycoside-induced hair cell death, seemingly through regulating aminoglycoside uptake.

Summary: We provide new insights on species' niche partitioning as we show that the orientation of substrates can affect the growth rates of tadpoles with different oral morphologies.

Summary: Opening and closing of Keber's valve in the mussel was visualized using MRI. Keber's valve and the foot chamber are essential for circulation at rest and during foot extension and retraction.

Summary: Our study demonstrates that the ATPase TER94 and the p47 adaptor positively regulate Notch signaling during Drosophila wing development, thus establishing a functional interaction between TER94 and Notch signaling activity.

Summary: Here we characterized the impact of different putative postsynaptic partners of the sLNvs on the control of rhythmic locomotor behavior. We found that some of these novel neuronal clusters are relevant for the control of locomotor activity.

Summary: Hearing deficits after noise exposure are linked to afferent terminal loss. We show that afferent terminal loss is concomitant with changes to inner hair cell pre-synaptic ultrastructure indicating vesicle-recycling deficits.

Summary statement: We identified long non-coding RNAs and mRNAs differentially expressed in non-functioning pituitary adenomas via microarray analyses, and provided working hypotheses for how these RNAs may function via co-expression network analyses.

Summary: Here, we describe and model a novel gene drive strategy – integral gene drive – for population replacement based on the hijacking of endogenous genes.

Summary: The first visceral cell line of an endangered species, Anguilla anguilla has been established; this aneuploid cell line is fibroblast-like, and suitable for gene expression and virus isolation.

Summary: We present a correlative electron tomography and light microscopy study on yeast cells under glucose starvation. We visualized several novel effects such as septin bundling and mitochondrial fission followed by ribosome decoration.

Summary: We identified PDIA6 as a hypoxia-induced element of the unfolded protein response in cardiomyocytes and infarcted mouse hearts. PDIA6 expression and ejection fractions were reduced in infarcted ex-germ-free mouse hearts.

Summary: We have developed a 96-well crystallization screen for viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps). The screen provides a convenient platform for streamlining the crystallisation of RdRps and implementing structure-based drug discovery programs.


Summary: The novel asymmetric Forked network could be used as a genetic reporter for visualizing and studying oocyte polarity.

Summary: A platform for pin-point monitoring transcription activity in the deep brain of the mouse with high spatiotemporal resolution was developed, which is adaptable to various transcription factor arrays and targets.


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