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Summary: The use of an alternative diet with 25% microalgae replacement by dry macroalgae is beneficial during broodstock conditioning and allows the operation costs of bivalve hatcheries to be minimized.

Summary: Our manuscript describes how perturbation of plasma membrane structure by short chain ceramides offers a general method for assessing functional roles for ordered lipid regions in membrane and cell biology.

Summary: Prepulse inhibition (PPI) deficiency is observed in various psychiatric disorders. Here we demonstrate PPI in Drosophila and its association with psychiatric disease-related genes.

Summary: Stress conditions, including DNA damaging agents, and knockdown of nuclear proteins, including SMN and Drosha, alter the processing dynamics of scaRNA 2 and 9.

Summary: Homozygous mice exhibited abnormal olfactory behaviors, namely failure in the acute avoidance of butyric acid and in habituation behavior, in the absence of a social context.

Summary: Aspects of axial skeletal morphology and body shape correlate with 3D neurocranial motions in three species, generating hypotheses of how axial shape may impact cranial motions in fishes.

Summary: The signalling mechanisms directing sensory neuron gangliogenesis are not well understood. Here, we model this process through stem cell differentiation and show that CXCR4 signalling facilitates neural clustering.

Summary: This study reports the effects of a direct current electrical field on endothelial neovessel formation in 3D culture. Endogenous EFs may promote angiogenesis of endothelial cells by activating the VEGF receptor signaling pathway.

Summary: UdhA function stated in this study helps us to understand the physiological roles of UdhA affecting NADH production and Gad acid resistance system in E.coli in acetate environment.

Summary:Drosophila mef2 expression is restricted to subsets of mushroom body neurons, from the time of their differentiation to adulthood, and is essential for mushroom body formation.

Summary: We characterized the main functional and structural diabetic neuropathy features during early-to-late phases of type 2 diabetes mellitus. This study aimed to identify a therapeutic window for new treatments.

Summary: Novel function of Smad-like protein Rebuff in regulating tube size of Drosophila trachea through endocytosis of luminal matrix components.

Summary:Drosophila Arl8 is essential for viability and is required for normal functioning of the late endocytic pathway and for long-range transport in axons.

Summary: Lumpfish are effective cleaner fish for biological delousing and can significantly lower average levels of pre-adult and female Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus elongatus sea lice on Atlantic salmon.

Summary: Assessment of aerobic capacity and swimming behaviour of the lumpfish with swim tunnel respirometry at different acclimation temperatures and fish sizes, and measurements of haematological parameters in relation to exercise stress.


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