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Summary: Transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines were created to characterize the expression and functions of Hemogen, a transcription factor involved in the formation of red blood cells and other processes.

Summary: It is shown that colchicine blocks mitosis and induces the formation of specific structures, lateral valves, in the diatom Aulacoseira islandica. Paclitaxel, on the other hand, doesn't have any effect on cell division.

Summary: Stress-induced obesity is poorly understood in vivo at the molecular level. The current report established a novel molecular basis of adipogenesis in vitro.

Summary: Interspecies comparison of mouse, bovine and pig embryos revealed conserved genes which distinguish between naïve and primed pluripotency states, including in human. Some of these genes interfere with the pluripotency network and lead to differentiation.

Summary: Our findings indicate labeling induced changes in dynamic integrin behaviors alter molecular conformation and cellular adhesion-dependent function to demonstrate a coupling between molecular inputs and distinct cellular outputs.

Summary: Centrioles without microtubules in larvae cells of parasitoid wasps duplicate and form primary cilia without microtubules, in nymph and imago cells centrioles acquire a ‘normal’ structure with nine microtubules triplets.

Summary: This study tests the relationship between insect-herbivore loads and host plant density across multiple time intervals and provides both evidence for and against the predictions of the landmark resource concentration hypothesis.

Summary: The major contributor to ribosome heterogeneity is variation in rRNA modification by methylation and pseudouridylation. Our work provides additional evidence for the regulation of snoRNP activity by regRNPs, which alters levels of methylation.

Summary: This research clarifies the important role of PKCε in mediating MAPK action on CX43 phosphorylation during FSH-induced oocyte maturation in vitro, and further explores the regulation mechanism of oocyte maturation.

Summary: The placenta may not be as uniquely hypomethylated as previously reported, rather differences in the pattern of CpG methylation are what make it epigenetically distinct.

Summary: Fibrinogen was specifically deposited on whole deteriorated tissue valve leaflets, and plasminogen-positive macrophages strongly invaded the areas around calcified bioprosthetic and native tissues.

Summary: Transcripts from the STK35 locus impact on male and female fertility and on eye development. A lncRNA (Stk35os1) transcript from this locus is upregulated by oxidative stress.

Summary: Longitudinal study of four cats documented recovery of locomotor kinematics in one hindlimb following nerve injury and muscle paralysis focused at the ankle joint. Whole-limb length was not conserved immediately, but recovered pre-injury levels gradually through kinematic adjustments distributed across joints.

Summary: EB1 proteins affect cortical-microtubule bundling and organization in Arabidopsis thaliana, without significant modulation of microtubule dynamics. They also participate in root growth, further linking microtubules to plant development.

Summary: We identified a new assembly of otoconia in the pigeon lagena. The structure is not innervated or associated with hair cells. Our finding provides new insights into ectopic otoconial formation.


Summary: In this paper, we report an efficient genome editing method for cultured medaka fish cells using pre-formed CRISPR/Cas9 RNP. This method will be very useful for gene function studies using cultured fish cells.


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