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Summary: This study describe a reciprocal, bi-directional feedback loop between hTERT and EMT to regulate properties of CSCs, suggesting that targeting hTERT may eliminate CSCs, thereby preventing cancer progression.

Summary: We have shown, using digital video microscopy based cell lineage tracing, that the glycoprotein of the extracellular matrix tenascin-C modulates growth factor responsiveness and cell cycle length of embryonic spinal cord progenitor cells in vitro.

Summary: Since IBD incidence is less frequent in patients with inherited bleeding disorders, we explored and demonstrated that F9-deficiency is protective against DSS-induced acute colitis in a hemophilia B mouse model.

Summary: Loss of SHH signaling is associated with the collapse of the sacral discs and formation of the sacrum. Conditional reactivation of SHH re-awakens the sacral disc, suggesting its potential for disc regeneration.

Summary: A novel transgenic rat model displaying dystonia-like phenotypes and dynamic processes in NE pathology can become a useful tool for therapy development for dystonia and other related diseases.

Summary: We organized a project-based course that used deep mutational scanning of ubiquitin to resolve the inconsistencies between tolerance to mutations in laboratory conditions and sequence conservation over evolutionary timescales.

Summary:Inebriated isoforms express in alternating glial layers of the Drosophila visual system, consistent with a role in histamine recycling in the eye, and its mutants exhibit blue light phototaxis defects.

Summary: Energy cost of walking in a hot environment was greater than in a comfortable environment. Thus, to prevent heat related injury, walking speed should be reduced in a hot environment.

Summary: Our predator-prey experiments reveal that prey's initial body orientation relative to a predator affects the flight initiation distance and turn duration of prey and consequently affects escape probability.

Summary: We performed simultaneous recordings of action potentials and calcium transients from the same cardiomyocytes to improve understanding of the mechanisms underlying arrhythmias and the correlation between these two parameters.

Summary: GFP tagging of endogenous GLP-1/Notch revealed life stage-specific differences in the nuclear accumulation of GLP-1 intracellular domain, which are mediated by the ubiquitin-proteolytic system and the splicing factor/E3 ubiquitin ligase PRP-19.

Summary: Cycle inhibiting factor (Cif) is a Burkholderia pseudomallei virulence factor and is shown to exert both Cullin RING E3 ligase dependent and independent effects on host cells.

Summary: Glucocorticoids may contribute to osteoporosis through effects on the extracellular region, the extracellular matrix and collagen trimer, and focal adhesion signaling pathway genes (itga10 and itgbl1).

Summary: The Cdc14 phosphatase has been implicated in cell cycle regulation in S. cerevisiae. We show that Drosophila cdc14 mutants are viable, but exhibit defects in sperm competition, chemosensation, and mechanosensation.

Summary: Multiparametric liver MRI was feasible in experimental rat models and imaging parameters correlated with gold standard histopathological assessments, especially characteristics of fatty liver disease.

Summary: The use of zebra mussels in research on extracorporeal shock wave (ESW) therapy for fracture nonunions allows new insights into the complex process of induction of biomineralization by ESWs.


Summary: This Methods & Techniques article describes a customizable device for mounting and live-imaging a wide range of tissues and species; complete design files and instructions for assembly are included.

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