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Summary: At a recent Company of Biologists workshop, evolutionary biologists discussed the major outstanding questions in symbiosis research.


Summary: S1P governs a fundamental aspect of skeletal development and homeostasis, mainly the maintenance and osteogenic differentiation of skeletogenic stem cells that are a source of osteoblast and chondrocyte lineages.

Summary: Spider silk is a remarkably tough and extensible biomaterial. We identified macrostuctural and mechanical differences in outer web frame silk of two Australian orb-weaving spiders.

Summary: The insect molting hormone ecdysone determines whether a single neuron develops a sex-specific structure, through crosstalk with signaling elements in a pathway dedicated to the sex-fate determination.

Summary: Dolphins wore cameras so we could hear them and watch them mark mine simulators. We observed rhythmic click trains, victory squeals, and click packets with their behavioral context.

Summary: The histone deacetylase HDAC1 acts as a positive regulator of Notch signaling during Drosophila wing development, and its depletion causes wing notches on the margin of adult wing.

Summary: This study presents a new mechanistic model for the integrative role of the polyamine spermine and hormone auxin in the signaling of yeast-to-hypha transition, filling an important gap in fungal morphogenesis.

Summary: Environmental salinity influences energetic reserves, enzyme activity, membrane fatty acids of the Pacific oyster and modulates survival to viral infection.

Summary: Sustained exercise training at a moderate water velocity had positive effects on aerobic swimming performance and postprandial metabolic responses in juvenile black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus).

Summary: We describe a model that recapitulates multiple components of liver damage by HIV-1 infection as in humans, including reduced liver CD4+ cells, albumin levels, liver immune activation and human hepatocyte survival.

Summary: The aerial survival of the northern snakehead could be involved with suprabranchial chamber respiration, and also with physiological regulations.

Summary: Successful plastid gene expression is required for stem cell patterning in lateral root primordia as revealed by genetic and pharmacological impairment of plastid translation.

Summary: A novel transgenic zebrafish, using claudin 5a, represents an ideal model to study blood brain barrier and choroid plexus barrier development and function in vivo.

Summary:Gemin4 loss-of-function is recessive lethal in mice, whereas in cell culture its overexpression results in a dominant, gain-of-function relocalization of SMN and other Gemin proteins to the nucleus.

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