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Summary: Transcription factor dmrt2b facilitates cxcl12b expression in endodermal pouches to accelerate cranial neural crest cell condensation, but suppresses crossveinless 2 expression for supporting cell growth and chondrogenic differentiation.

Summary: While yeast Asn1p/ASN2p forms cytoplasmic filaments in response to nutrient limitation, hASNS is associated with centrosomes and mitotic spindles in actively dividing cells, suggesting its additional role in cell division.

Summary: Optimized potassium levels not only reduce malate levels but also improve fructose and sucrose accumulation in apple fruit.

Summary: Identification of the recruit function of the N-terminal lobe of the UBR5 HECT domain and ubiquitination site(s) of PEPCK1.

Summary: Cell spreading is a non-linear process. The fast spreading phase depends on dynamic microtubules (MTs). Rapid growth of MTs towards the cell membrane promotes the temporal relaxation of acto-myosin contractility.

Summary: Studies were conducted in the model invertebrate, the crayfish, to determine the effects of the acute change from 20°C to 10°C and vice versa on synaptic transmission.

Summary: Fish treated with statin exhibited reduced plasma cholesterol, reduced telencephalic indexes of 5-HIAA/5-HT and increased aggressive behavior compared with control fish. Such mechanisms may be important for the control of aggression in many vertebrate species.

Summary: Mice maintained in ABSL-3 and ABSL-4 labs are under normal and stable physiology and immune status.

Summary: Generation of a Gata4H2B-GFP reporter mouse that labels primitive endoderm, visceral endoderm and cardiac lineages during embryonic development suitable for single cell and live imaging analyses.

Summary: We used the American cockroach to show that individuals displaying low behavioural plasticity entrain the behaviour of other individuals through social interactions and change the aggregation dynamics of the group.

Summary: The manuscript describes the pronounced activation of the immediate early gene ZENK in the pallium of male Japanese quails following offensive aggressive behaviour.

Summary: Seasonal changes in immunity, body fat, blood glucose, leptin and corticosterone and their correlations in striped hamsters.

Summary: The αA-crystallin ranks amongst the most highly expressed tissue-specific genes. It is an advantageous model system to probe both promoter-enhancer looping and to identify distal enhancers and their temporal/spatial activities.

Summary: Stem cell therapy has become a promising approach for bone tissue engineering. Our study reveals that IRS-1 gene modification of stem cells upregulates TAZ expression and osteogenesis.

Summary: Live imaging of cortical granule exocytosis reveals that in vitro matured mouse oocytes have a severely reduced response to strontium chloride.

Summary: Investigation of auditory neural mechanisms in the South African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) indicates that auditory perception exhibits sexual dimorphism and left telencephalic advantage.

Summary: Here we indicate that short-term cortisol exposure can induce cardiac hypertrophic and non-hypertrophic remodelling and that certain pro-hypertrophic effects of cortisol are time-dependent in rainbow trout.

Summary: The nocturnal increase of electric behavior in Gymnotus omarorum is analyzed in the wild, in constant darkness and social isolation. This daily trait is independent of locomotor activity and modulated by social context.

Summary: Depending on the culture media, ECM coating of 3D-printed hydroxyapatite evokes different functional vascularization as assessed by CAM assay in ovo. ECM coating enhances vascularization compared to ECM-free hydroxyapatite.


Summary: We describe a transgene-based method, SPoT, that reveals subcellular sites of protein synthesis in neurons of wholemount zebrafish embryos.

Summary: A model-based repeated blood sampling protocol retained tolerable levels of anaemia, minimised mortality, assured recovery and made repeated blood sampling feasible in small to medium sized tilapia.



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