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Summary: This study reveals some of the potential roles of Notch2 and Notch3 in migration and invasion in trophoblast cells. The results may help to increase our understanding of the pathology of preeclampsia.

Summary: Tectorigenin exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-osteoarthritis effects by inhibiting apoptosis in chondrocytes via the NF-κB P65 pathway.

Summary: Transgenic Lifeact-GFP Hydra polyps provide a powerful system for live imaging of actin dynamics during morphogenesis and development of a simple and ancestral animal model.

Summary: The cell sizes of Madagascar ground geckos (Paroedura picta) vary according to body size, sex and developmental temperature, and the pattern of these differences depends on the cell type.

Summary: The position of the Six3 optix is regulated by the Dpp pathway during wing and haltere development, and controls the size of both serially homologous organs.

Summary: The protein phosphatase 4 complex promotes Notch signaling and target gene expression during Drosophila wing development.

Summary: Gain-of-function mutations in RHBDF2 cause tylosis, a skin disease characterized by hyperproliferation of keratinocytes. We generated mice carrying the human tylosis disease mutation p.P189L and show that enhanced amphiregulin secretion underlies tylosis.

Summary: Morpholino knockdown of Golgb1/giantin leads to a severe cilopathy phenotype twinned with longer, misshapen cilia. Stable mutants have a very mild phenotype, indicative of compensation, but still have longer cilia.

Summary: This study explores the individual and combined effects of temperature and UVR on the metabolism of Acropora muricata, and on the organic matter release and degradation by the associated bacteria.

Summary: DREADD-mediated silencing of Tg(Th-Cre)FI172Gsat-defined neurons in adult mice results in reduced O2 and CO2 breathing reflexes and respiratory rhythm destabilization under hypoxic challenge, resembling Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

Summary: The optical properties of some neotropic bark bugs change when wetted. The present work attempts to explain the phenomenon and transfer it to a polymer surface via laser structuring.


Summary: A reporter mouse to trace melanocytic lineage cells was generated by breeding existing mouse lines. Methods were also developed to characterize the proliferation and motility of primary mouse melanocytes.

Summary: This paper describes a simple approach, using puromycin-labelling of nascent peptides, to assay protein synthesis in response to growth and stress signals in Drosophila larvae.

Summary: We develop a framework to quantify and model cell mixing independent of a choice of reference frames, and apply this to study oscillator synchronization in the zebrafish segmentation clock.

Summary: In this work, new tools were developed to manipulate and quantitatively measure the lattice structural state of microtubules for three nucleotide states, which were assessed using electron and fluorescence microscopy.

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