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Summary: Depletion of AJAP1 in endothelial cells can increase angiogenic-like sprouting and cell migration. In addition, AJAP1 associates with microtubules in these cells.

Summary: This study shows that a mild sepsis leads to a significant hearing impairment due to apoptosis of different inner ear structures.

Summary: DIF-1 regulates Dictyostelium chemotaxis and differentiation. We synthesized DIF-1-BODIPY, a fluorescent DIF-1 derivative. DIF-1-BODIPY localized to mitochondria, suggesting that DIF-1 functions, at least in part, via mitochondria.

Summary: The tw18 lethal, a ‘classical’ mutation, affects gastrulation and embryo patterning. This article shows that phosphatase PP2A is dysfunctional in tw18 and essential for Nodal and WNT signaling in the epiblast.

Summary: Functional and phylogenetic analyses reveal the existence of five centrin families and show that basal body patterning in Paramecium requires a third centrin present in many eukaryote lineages.

Summary: This is the first study showing the effects of low extracellular potassium on the electrophysiological properties of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived long QT cardiomyocytes at single and multicellular level.

Summary: Super-resolution imaging and multiplexed live-cell analyses indicate the multi-domain scaffold IQGAP1 contributes to a complex regulatory network that coordinates the actin encapsulation and membrane processing of a novel endosomal compartment.

Summary: Acute and chronic temperature exposures affect differentially heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output in mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) during early development.

Summary: We show that tremble dance and waggle dance followers exhibit similar orientation and tracking behaviors, suggesting that signal detection via following is a conserved honey bee behavior.

Summary: Simultaneous stimulation of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis by feeding in the anterior intestine of the omnivorous GIFT tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.

Summary: Obesity-related overgrowth of periovarian adipose tissue and elevated estradiol levels cause anovulation and ovarian cyst formation in mice, independent of hyperinsulinemia and hyperandrogenism.

Summary: This study expands upon the existing knowledge of Arabidopsis DNA topoisomerase gene TOP1α function in plant development and demonstrates its important new role in regulating shade response and flower development.

Summary: The fission yeast neddylation ligase Dcn1 plays a role in chromosome segregation. dcn1-deletion results in activation of the Mad2-dependent spindle assembly checkpoint, and lagging chromosomes at anaphase.

Summary: We identified that Akt isoform 3, but not Akt1 or Akt2, specifically regulates embryonic stem cell survival and proliferation. Mechanistically, this is achieved partially through controlling the p53 pathway activity.

Summary: Embryonic epidermis development is influenced by nitric oxide, where it has been linked to the development of ionocytes, multi-ciliated cells and small secretory cells.

Summary: Protein to carbohydrate ratio affects the survival and growth rate of larval worker honey bees in vitro. Protein and carbohydrate content of food interact in complex ways to alter growth rate, development time and survival in worker bound honey bee larvae.

Summary: Loss of Pias3 in mice results in altered dorso-ventral patterning of retinal cone photoreceptors by modulating the expression of a subset of genes, but does not affect rod development.

Summary: We report the presence of senescent cells in several transient structures in developing amphibian and teleost fish, suggesting novel mechanisms of morphogenesis that appeared early in vertebrate evolution.

Summary: The physiological response and survival rate of gilthead sea bream to hypoxia was highly modulated by dietary supplementation of heat-treated seaweed.

Summary: Meristematic root cells stop cycling in G2 phase before entering the elongation zone. Remarkable changes in the percentage of cells in the cell cycle phases take place in the transition zone, indicating this zone is a boundary between mitotic and elongation cell processes.

Summary: LMP2A expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells increases EGFR activation and cytosolic Ca2+, subsequently stimulates calpain-dependent cleavage of ITGβ4 and enhances cell motility.


Summary: A novel chemoenzymatic glycoengineering method was developed to selectively modify and label surface glycoconjugates in living cells by implementing glycosyltransferases and azido-modified activated sugar analogs.

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