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Summary: The study indicated that parecoxib may be a potential therapeutic approach to treat GBM by up-regulating miRNA-29c and subsequently inhibiting proliferation, migration and invasion of GBM.

Summary: Sustained Notch1 activation is sufficient to drive cranial neural crest-derived frontonasal mesenchyme to adopt a perivascular (mural) cell fate in developing chick embryos.

Summary: The excessive collagen secretory phenotype found in failing human hearts is associated with ventricular fibroblast remodeling, caused by an elevated influx of intracellular calcium via SOC channels.

Summary: A study of the relationship between the structure and property of synthetic spider silk-like fibers, which aims to aid with the designing of functional artificial fibers.

Summary: Responses to changes in the intensity and direction of magnetic fields in the armyworm moth (Mythimna separata) indicate a reliance on a magnetic compass for flight orientation.

Summary: The molecular mechanisms regulating cardiac fusion are not well understood. Here, we show that platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha is essential for normal endocardial and myocardial fusion during zebrafish development.

Summary: Smad4 is a key regulator of extracellular matrix production and chondrocyte proliferation, shape and orientation in the growth plate. Smad4 dysregulation results in skeletal dysplasias, such as Myhre syndrome.

Summary:Drosophila larvae show positive preference but for a few individual amino acids. The preference partially changes depending on larval stage and deprivation. In learning experiments, all 20 tested amino acids were equally rewarding.

Summary: A mutual interaction between endothelial cells and mural cells enhances BMP9 signaling in endothelial cells, with implications for the maintenance of vascular integrity and vascular disease research.

Summary: PLK4 and STIL/Ana2 proteins interact to promote centriole duplication. We show that these proteins may homo-multimerise in multiple ways, and that their interaction is likely complex and may differ between species.


Summary: A new 3D time-lapse microscopy image analysis pipeline consisting of nuclear segmentation, tracking, annotation and quantification revealed karyotype changes in Drosophila embryos.

Summary: We present a simplified method to generate early neuroepithelium of the cerebellar cortex in a 3D culture using defined medium and minimal addition of growth factors.

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