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Summary: The hepatokine Fgf21 is transcriptionally regulated by the nuclear receptor REV-ERBα with the hepatocyte-specific factor HNF6 to regulate metabolism and fertility.

Summary: This study unveiled a positive correlation of BDNF/TrkB and CREB/ERK axes in NTG-induced migraine and the promoting effects of estrogen on their signals in the migraine.

Summary: The conserved protein kinase CK2 negatively regulates centrosome assembly and is required for proper cell cycle progression and cytokinesis in early C. elegans embryos.

Summary: We provide the first evidence to confirm that HRC is a factor in liver fibrosis, and we clarify the molecular mechanism of HRC in hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis.

Summary: Isolation membrane expansion in yeast autophagy requires mono-unsaturated fatty acids generated by Ole1, fatty acid desaturase during delivery of Atg9 to the PAS/autophagosome from its cellular reservoir.

Summary: Alarms serve to focus attention and prioritize individual concerns. In honey bees, social alarm impairs appetitive learning. Here, we show that the effect on aversive learning depends on social role and signal intensity.

Summary: We have detected variation in muscle mitochondrial content across chickens. This variation relates to phenotypes and also indicates coordinate regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis across the musculature.

Summary: Many genes downregulated by DNA methylation are tumor suppressor genes. In the present study, DNA methylation of Nox4 is observed, with implications for Nox4 as a potential therapeutic target for liver or other cancers.

Summary: Coordination of landing in humans involves using sensory feedback to anticipate impact time. In contrast, when and how toads position forelimbs suggests that they may coordinate landing without predicting impact.

Summary: This manuscript provides new knowledge regarding Senegalese sole post-larvae daily feeding behavior and protein metabolism, which are essential for the adequate development of feeding strategies for this species.

Summary: Insect larvae display adjustments in metabolism and oxidative status to overcome the diel variations in the extreme and harsh physicochemical conditions of Lake Magadi, a saline and alkaline lake in Kenya.

Summary: An inducible mouse model was developed to show that CIZ1 extends the window of cardiomyocyte proliferation and reduces the impact of injury on cardiac function.

Summary: The use of hESC-like morphology, retroviral transgene silencing and temporal expression of pluripotency markers are compared as methods to aid in the identification of hiPSC clones.

Summary: Moth wings partly absorb the ultrasonic calls of bats to reduce predation. Different moths fly at night or day, and this work compares their absorption of ultrasound.

Summary: Cheetah movement patterns within farmlands revealed a preference for areas important for social interactions and avoidance of high risk areas. This knowledge can be useful for developing conflict mitigation strategies.


Summary: Heterozygous single nucleotide polymorphisms in CRISPR/Cas9 target sites bias genome editing in favour of alleles with perfect complementarity to gRNAs, a feature which can be exploited for chromosome-specific editing.

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