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Summary: Closely related temnopleurid sea urchins exhibit diversity in blastula formation and gastrulation during early morphogenesis.

Summary: Using primary keloid-derived fibroblasts, we demonstrate that electronic beam irradiation inhibits the recurrence of keloid scarring by suppressing collagen I expression via mir-21/smad7-mediated p38 activation.

Summary: Hyperplastic and hypertrophic growth dynamics of red and white muscle were strongly related to cod larval size and corresponded with the metamorphosis process. First-feeding diet quality can prolong effects on muscle growth potential in cod larvae.

Summary: We generated mice deficient for the secreted protease ADAMTS18 implicated in human disease and show that the gene is required in the development of the lens, lung, and the female reproductive tract.

Summary: Similar to Foxf1 loss, Foxf1 overexpression in mice is lethal. This finding highlights the need to consider alternatives beyond gene therapy to find a cure for alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins (ACDMPV).

Summary: Transcripts of the tumor suppressor gene SHREW-1 exist in various splice variants in human and mouse encoding proteins with a differential expression and intracellular localization profile.

Summary: Using spatial and temporally controlled perturbations followed by live cell tracking in vivo, this paper demonstrates that directional movements downstream of Gbx2 and Otx2 are important for otic and lens placode formation.

Summary: We present a novel retinoblastoma nude xenograft mouse model which closely resembles the human disease and allows broad application possibilities and a comparison of in vivo and histological analysis.

Summary: MarvelD3 regulates eye morphogenesis through modulation of the JNK pathway, eye-field specification and the balance between cell proliferation and survival.

Summary:Drosophila species make dramatically different egg-laying decisions depending on ethanol concentration and the distances between options. Surprisingly, we find that the species with the lowest ethanol tolerance prefers ethanol the most.

Summary: Pulsed ecdysone signaling remodels cell cycle dynamics, causing distinct primary and secondary cell cycle arrests in Drosophila cells, analogous to those observed in the wing during metamorphosis.

Summary: The extracellular matrix protein Eyes shut homolog is required for maintaining the integrity of the ciliary pocket and survival of photoreceptors in zebrafish.

Summary: We have identified a novel short motif sequence in the Drosophila BubR1 protein which when mutated affects the amount of Cdc20 recruited to the kinetochores and leads to an abrogation of the SAC.

Summary: The conspicuous pigmentation pattern of zebrafish is produced by three kinds of interacting pigment cells. Here we address the cellular consequences of these interactions in wild-type fish and mutants with altered pigment patterns.

Summary: Dynamin 2 mutations cause centronuclear myopathy via unclear mechanisms. We show in a mouse model that changes in cytosolic calcium via incorrect membrane permeability correlate with muscle weakness.

Summary: We report the interaction of the microsomal integral membrane protein progesterone receptor membrane component 2 with the nucleoporin ALADIN at the perinuclear ER and nuclear envelope.

Summary: The transcription factor FOXO affects catecholamine metabolism under normal and heat stress conditions in D. melanogaster, and juvenile hormone (JH) is a mediator of this effect.

Summary: Hygienic behaviour such as the removal of dead and diseased larvae and pupae has an important role in colony health in stingless bees, and it is greater than in unselected honey bee populations

Summary: We show that photoperiod-insensitive components of alleles of Hd1 and Hd2 play an important role in balancing ecological adaptability and high-yield accumulation in rice.

Summary: CMV suppressor 2b perturbs host defense by interrupting epigenetic signaling. 2b causes FWA siRNAs sequestration and hypo-methylation of FWA promoter region. It shines light on a hitherto little understood mechanism of viral suppression of host epigenetics.

Summary: A comparison of the kinematics of aquatic and terrestrial feeding in the mudskipper shows how the ancestral kinematic pattern of aquatic feeding is modified to enable the terrestrial capture of prey.


Summary: A revised protocol for efficient extraction of ATP from boar spermatozoa is presented that consistently yields high ATP contents and energy charge values from fresh and frozen samples.

Summary: Infrared photoplethysmogram of Mytilus heart was analyzed by magnetic resonance imaging. Portable photoplethysmographs provide a noninvasive, economical and robust method to monitor the heartbeat of mussels in field experiments.

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