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Summary: In March 2024, the early-stage researchers in the NEUcrest consortium organised an in-person conference for well-established and early career researchers to discuss new advances in the neural crest and neurocristopathies field.


Summary: The authors found that Bazooka/Par-3 does not localize to the nucleus or the neuromuscular junction, questioning earlier findings reporting a function of Baz at these subcellular sites.

Summary: The feline supracondylar foramen was investigated using micro-computed tomography, and the novel insights assigned the peripheral arch a tendinous remnant of a digressing head of the coracobrachialis longus muscle.

Summary: Components of the cargo-sorting machinery have context-dependent roles in blood progenitor maintenance and lineage choice, helping to tackle immune challenges and tailor developmental diversity.

Summary: Our studies showed how the differential expression of pulmonary miRNAs could contribute to respiratory virus infection and species- or tissue-specific mechanisms and common mechanisms conserved in humans and mice.

Summary: By combining the patterns of expression of miRNA during mammary development and the miRNAs with expression shown to be regulated by hormones, we identified 16 mammary gland miRNAs whose expression is likely regulated by circulating hormones.

Summary: This study reveals that the common sunfish's visual system perceives moving targets with equal precision as stationary targets.

Summary: Trait polymorphisms are common in nature, posing an evolutionary puzzle. Studying alternative reproductive tactics in tree crickets, reveals spatial dynamics facilitate the maintenance of diverse strategies.


Summary: Using a 3D-printed respirometer and swim tunnel system (drawings are available) we measured standard metabolic rate and compared two different protocols for measuring maximum, aerobic metabolic rate of zebrafish.


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