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Summary: Membrane trafficking's pivotal role in Wnt signaling unveiled; Ouabain inhibits the Wnt pathway, offering a potential strategy against Wnt-driven cancers.

Summary: VSMC-derived NGF controls sympathetic collateral branching.

Summary: Hansenula polymorpha cells lacking Pex23 or Pex29 show defects in mitochondrial function and morphology that are partially repressed by deletion of DNM1 or an artificial ER-mitochondrion tether.

Summary: In black-faced cormorants, a little studied endemic Australian seabird, males and females exhibited different diving behaviour and exploited different areas. Thereby, environmental changes could disproportionally affect a single sex.

Summary: This study addresses the impact of rising temperatures on the cardiac mitochondria of Octopus maya, explaining for the first time how temperature probably controls the reproduction of this octopus species.

Summary: To understand the effect of high glucose on bone, we evaluated global changes in osteoblast transcriptome upon short- or long-term hyperglycemia and observed unique cellular responses depending on exposure time.

Summary: ADAP1 and ARAP1 regulate CD63 localization in endosomes. ADAP1 and ARAP1 promote incorporation of CD63 and CD9, but not EGF, to multivesicular bodies (MVBs). ADAP1 and ARAP1 can distinguish MVBs with CD63 from MVBs with EGF.


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