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Summary: This Meeting Review summarizes the panel discussions during the 53rd Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium (OE3C 2023), which centred on surviving the Anthropocene under pressing planetary issues.

Summary: From 14–16 December 2023, more than 200 interdisciplinary researchers, students of life sciences and more than 20 international speakers and trainers met at the Faculty of Sciences in Tunis, Tunisia, to discuss microbiology and bacteria from different horizons. This Meeting Review describes the event and highlights the key papers and the practical sessions.


Summary: We propose that interdisciplinary public engagement (public engagement projects that bring together academics from several academic disciplines) is a novel and potentially mutually beneficial approach to engage the public.


Summary: Allometric variation in metabolic rate is described by a straight line in a bivariate plot of logarithmic transformations of data for both American eels and spiny lobsters.

Summary: Using 2D human gastruloids, CDX2 is shown to dose-dependently influence genes related to tissue permeability, cell-cell adhesions, and cytoskeletal architecture during extraembryonic mesoderm development.

Summary: Bees display limited capacity to increase their heat tolerance following short-term acclimation and acute heat exposure.

Summary: Our results show that the relationship between resting metabolic rate and blood mitochondrial metabolism depends on the level of cellular permeabilization as well as the level of activation of the electron transport chain. No relationship was detected between blood mitochondrial respiration and blood cell count in our conditions.

Summary: Far from solely providing a physical barrier separating the genome from the cytoplasm, the nuclear envelope is also instrumental in tuning the fate of neural stem cells influencing cortical lamination and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Summary: This work investigates the long-term effects of developmental exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) in zebrafish. Fish that were exposed to iAs during development had increased mortality as adults, sustained changes to gsto2 expression in female livers and decreased mating success.

Summary: Stem cell therapy has shed light on incurable diseases. We describe a novel method for cell reprogramming and provide personalized stem cell sources for stem cell therapies.


Summary: We describe two programs written in the MATLAB programming language that facilitate counting, length measurements, and quantification of bundling of actin filaments visualized in fluorescence micrographs.


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