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Summary: The 14th NYRA meeting covered a wide range of topics related to male germline research, including the impact of mutations in the male germline on future generations, the use of innovative sequencing tools for the study of male infertility, and the intricate germline epigenome.


Summary: Vestigial (Vg) patterning establishes wing fate in the developing wing of Drosophila. This study shows that a Vg-independent signal may drive Vg expression, but the feed-forward Vg-dependent signal is necessary for pattern sharpness and robustness.

Summary: Refreshing flows through organoids are required to avoid necrosis at their cores; we develop a platform for culturing micro-organoids fed by appropriate flows that is accessible to bioscientists.

Summary: Filamentous actin accumulates in the nucleus of zebrafish early embryos and forms patches associating with condensing chromosomes during prophase.

Summary: Incubation temperature influences hatchling sex in a year-dependent manner in an oviparous reptile with heteromorphic sex chromosomes.

Summary: By 3D printing claw shapes, we decouple the effects of geometry and materials. Through experimental testing, we show that certain claw morphologies improve grip strength more effectively than others.

Summary: The S. pombe cytokinetic ring protein Fic1 promotes septum formation in a manner dependent on interactions with the cytokinetic ring components Cdc15, Imp2, and Cyk3.


Summary: This paper describes an innovate tumour-stroma-based in vitro 3D tumouroid co-culture model of HPC developed by growing FaDu and HS-5 cells together to mimic the complex tumour microenvironment in a Petri dish. The wider application of this pre-clinical research tool is in understanding newer combination (e.g. immunotherapy) treatment approaches with radiotherapy in hypopharyngeal cancer and beyond.

Summary: Three-dimensional cell culture models such as spheroids and organoids are used in the field of experimental biology. This paper presents an optimized protocol of paraffin embedding for spheroids and organoids.


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