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Summary: The report summarizes future areas of marine mammal sensory research including aerial sensing in fully aquatic species, size-related questions in large species, seemingly vestigial structures, and concerted action of senses.


Summary: Adherens junctions in the peripodial epithelium of the Drosophila eye disc promote normal morphology of the retinal epithelium and fly eye via a Jub-Wts-Yki-ECM signaling axis.

Summary: We present new genome-edited mouse models in which the amino acid residue lysine 50 is replaced with arginine 50 (K50R) in either eIF5A1 or eIF5A2 proteins. This mutation prevents the spermidine-dependent post-translational formation of hypusine, a unique lysine derivative that is necessary for activation of eIF5A1 and eIF5A2.

Summary: We used a blood amino acids-like medium and found that it is useful to efficiently differentiate human iPSCs into the definitive endoderm, and to generate functional pancreatic beta-cells.

Summary: This article is a report on exploring the application of gene modification in microbial fuel cells (MFCs), which expands the study of gene modification in improving MFC performance.

Summary: Using cerebral organoids derived from patients with multiple sclerosis we detected that p21 decrease may induce a disruption of the stem cell cycle leading to a defect of oligodendrocyte differentiation.

Summary: Mitochondrial function is severely affected in aging livers. Hence, the current study uses a Nanopore sequencing based approach for mitochondrial transcriptomics. The analyses show that a decrease of the Cox1 transcript correlates with reduced respiratory complex IV activity in older mice livers.

Summary: We investigated the effect of synchronized cerebellum activity on the coordination of multi-joint leg movements in young and elderly people. The synchronized activity was shown to reduce fluctuations in movement synchrony.

Summary: Ocean acidification (OA) threatens the reproduction of marine invertebrates. We investigated how simulated OA affected the reproduction of a model sea anemone, revealing effects with mixed implications for fitness.

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