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Summary: We present an NHE6 null haploid cell line as a tool for basic and translational science relevant to Christianson syndrome. Transcriptome analysis implicates lysosome and neurodevelopmental mechanisms in cellular alterations.

Summary: This paper shows how changes in mitochondrial metabolism in larval blood cells can non-autonomously control overall body growth and development.

Summary: This study provides evidence that sidewinding kinematics differ subtly between a natural and an artificial substrate, sand and vinyl, which have both been used to induce sidewinding in previous studies.

Summary: SIN3 cofactors can activate or repress genes. Using bioinformatic analysis, we find that histone modification and RNA polymerase II binding profiles differ at SIN3-regulated genes with distinct transcriptional outcomes.

Summary: The parasitic nematode Trichinella spiralis secretes microRNAs that are not contained within extracellular vesicles. Here we discover and characterize two proteins that may be involved in stabilising these microRNAs.

Summary: Our study shows cytogenetic characteristics of Loricariidae from the Xingu River, Brazilian Amazon. Some of these fish are endangered, so this information can help conservation programs for these animals.

Summary: We show that the lymphatic vasculature is a pivotal site for parasite dispersal, and altering this colonization by blocking LYVE-1 is detrimental for parasite survival. Additionally, parasites within the lymphatic vasculature have unique morphological and behavioural characteristics, different to those found in the blood, demonstrating that across both types of vasculature, these environments are physically separated.

Summary: Autotaxin, encoded by the Enpp2 gene, is required for pinocytosis, transcytosis, and secretion of angiogenic factors in murine yolk sac visceral endoderm cells, thereby regulating angiogenesis/vasculogenesis and embryonic development.


Summary: Automating the analysis of point spread function data sets. Accessible either through a web app or executable python code.


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