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Summary: Optic tectum (OT) is a midbrain structure that is important in integrating multimodal input and guides non-voluntary movements in response to prevalent stimuli. Here we show that valproic acid, associated with autism spectrum disorder, leads to a delay in OT's neurogenesis and neuron specification.

Summary: In their natural habitats, zebrafish often shoal with co-occurring species. This study reveals that food apportionment, benefits related to predator avoidance and familiarity are potential drivers towards mixed-species shoaling among zebrafish.

Summary: Inducing diapause in mouse embryos demonstrates that STAT3 and TFCP2L1 are essential for self-renewal of the epiblast, but only TFCP2L1 is also required for derivation of embryonic stem cells.

Summary: We discuss two novel roles of phospholipid phosphatase 3 (PLPP3), in pluripotency exit in mouse embryonic stem cells and in endodermal differentiation through the regulation of bioactive lipid signaling.

Summary: Epithelial follicle stem cells in the fly ovary depend on dynamic, axon-like cytoplasmic projections to re-establish cell fate patterning after a period of nutrient restriction.

Summary: Retinal astrocytes lose their ability to support angiogenesis as they mature. Protein–protein interaction between Tlx and HIF-2α maintains retinal astrocytes in their proangiogenic progenitor and immature states.

Summary: Our findings establish an unprecedented axon pruning mode that will serve to systematically screen and identify undiscovered axon pruning regulators.



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