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Summary: BioStruct-Africa has been building capacity in structural biology for Africa-based biologists and researchers.


Summary: Prior work described individual differences in zebrafish exploratory behavior as bold or shy. Here, we find four categories better describe their behavior: bold, shy, active explorers, and wall-huggers.

Summary: Differences in seagrass leaf, meristem and root transcriptomes across variable salinities are due to tissue-specific processes. Leaf meristem contained the broadest process range, indicating preferential use for inferring plant-wide activity.

Summary: This study provides an effective and feasible method for development of human nasal organoids from chronic rhinosinusitis patients, suitable for phenotypic high-throughput screening and drug-response research.

Summary:Musclebow2 clonal cell lineage analysis is introduced to reveal the cellular dynamics of skeletal muscle formation, repair and maintenance throughout the life of zebrafish.

Summary: Mice lacking PDGF-C develop cerebellar hypoplasia and malformation. In addition, the ventricular zone close to the rhombic lip suffer from ependymal denudation.

Summary: A hypomorphic mutation in Pold1 caused reduced size and abnormal morphology of gastrulating mouse embryos, highlighting the importance of coordinated embryo growth, lineage specification, and tissue morphogenesis for normal embryogenesis.

Summary: This study provides insights into the function of SEPHS1 regulating the innate immune system of Drosophila through controlling PGRP-LC and Toll transcription even without infection.

Summary: The Parkinson's disease LRRK2 signaling pathway converges upon the formation of a complex at the subdistal appendage of the mother centriole which causes centrosomal deficits and impairs appropriate cell polarization.


SUMMARY: We have applied super-resolution microscopy to analyse changes in the state of chromatin during the first stages of mouse development, from the two-cell stage to the blastocyst.



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