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Summary: An a Year at the Forefront Review highlighting promising advances in engineering photosynthesis made in the period February 2021 to January 2022.


Summary: Are you an early-career researcher considering preprinting, but unsure how to approach conversations about the possibility? Here, we discuss preprinting and provide tips to enable you to take ownership over the process.


Summary: An investigation of adaptations in mechanical function induced by a novel method of weighted downhill running training in rats, and the connections to adaptations in muscle architecture.

Summary: The full-length fraction of liana transcriptomes mapped on a protein–protein interactome revealed the nature of their convergence through distinct sets of expressed and downregulated genes not observed in free-standing plants.

Summary: Coilin acts as an upstream regulator of the NF-kB pathway through positive regulation of miR-517-3p leading to increased NF-kB signaling and higher expression of sFlt-1.

Summary: A minimal SH3-HOOK fragment of Dlg is sufficient to support epithelial polarity through mechanisms independent of the PP1 phosphatase.

Summary: We showed that the formation of cytoneme-like protrusions, which function in cell signaling, is induced by LAR and clarified that it is LAR dimerization which promotes protrusion formation.

Summary: Monochromes influence light:dark phase-dependent changes in active-sleep time, alongside lowering lifespan in fruit flies and dark phase anticipation under blue and green lights, highlighting the detrimental effects of artificial lights.

Summary: Closely related paralogs EPCAM and TROP2 have distinct but overlapping functions in claudin stabilization and mouse postnatal development.

Summary: New mutations in the C. elegans homologs of the histone kinase Haspin show roles in spermatogenesis and germline proliferation and genetic interactions with mutations in related genes.

Summary: Loss of vitamin D receptor, alone or in combination with either an inflammatory agent or the ApcPirc/+ rat intestinal tumor model, did not enhance tumor occurrence, growth, or progression.

Summary: The chorioallantoic membrane assay has been previously used to verify the vascularization potential of engineered organoids. We identified severe limitations of this assay, such as a lack of arterial maturity.

Summary: We report the nuclear localization of the histamine receptor 2 (H2R) in lymphatic endothelial cells and other cell types and ligand-dependent effects on H2R nuclear localization kinetics, with histamine-H2R binding serving as a critical step.


Summary: Here, we present the improvements of surgery and post-operative care to minimize intraoperative mortality and to maximize survival rates of the one-kidney one-clip (1K1C) mouse model of human chronic hypertension.



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