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Summary: In our study Drosophila melanogaster was used to evaluate the effects of different environmental oxygen conditions on survival and ROS levels in three wild-type and one mutant strain.

Summary:Vibrio vulnificus strain MCCC 1A08743 was newly isolated, sequenced and tested for its pathogenicity in mice.

Summary: We propose quantitative methods to analyze cancer sc-RNAseq data: measures of intra-tumoral heterogeneity, characterization of a hierarchy of gene clusters, and alignment of gene cluster hierarchies from multiple datasets.

Summary: We identify a role for the F-BAR protein pacsin2 in endocytosis in the renal tubule of zebrafish larvae.

Summary: Synovial joints contain a fluid-filled cavity crucial for skeletal motion and lifelong function, but the developmental biology of cavitation remains largely obscure, hampering basic and translational progress.

Summary: Inhibition of the pluripotency regulator peptidylarginine deiminase IV (PADI4) does not affect normal haematopoietic development or function, suggesting that targeting it as a therapy can be well tolerated.

Summary: Interspecific variations in elasmobranch gestation periods can largely be explained by body-mass dependence of metabolic rate.

Summary: The authors model the structure of Sog and establish a new sog knockout fly stock that they validate for the testing of specific sog mutations.

Summary: PML-NB-free intranuclear environment in the oocyte helps reserve SUMO for emergent responses by redirecting the flux of SUMO otherwise needed to maintain PML-NB dynamics.




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