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Summary: The relationship between oxygen consumption rate and heart rate in the loggerhead turtle.

Summary: This study found that initial parasitic behaviour, namely ‘rubbing behaviour’, of the temporary social parasitic species Polyrhachis lamellidens can be induced by exposure to a combination of chitin and host cuticular compounds.

Summary: We conducted measurements of the taking-off motion of a butterfly (Pieris rapae) and numerical simulations using a more sophisticated computational model than existing butterfly models.

Summary: This study we uncover a novel function of HCN channels in layer 5–6 medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) circuit: regulate inhibitory input of pyramidal neurons.

Summary: Ocean acidification alters fish behaviour. We show altered expression of genes involved in neuroplasticity and neuromodulation in fish exposed to high PCO2, highlighting their possible roles in such behavioural alterations.

Summary: Defects in the polynucleotide kinase, CLP1, and the tRNA splicing endonuclease (TSEN) complex display overlapping phenotypes in both vertebrates and invertebrates.

Summary: This study reports that exposure to perinatal multi-hit stress (protein malnourishment and immune stress) causes changes in the hippocampal cells alongside behavioral deficits which are also observed in Schizophrenic condition.

Summary: Understanding how leading cells in keratocyte cell sheets are affected when their followers ‘ride’ on them and how this alters their basal membrane's height fluctuations and fluctuation tension.

Summary: Use of several specific shRNAs is not enough to escape a pitfall of their off-target activity: the case of Adam10 and Adam17 silencing.

Summary: DNMT1 is overexpressed in sponge bone of people and mice with senile osteoporosis and required for suppression of osteoblast (OB) differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteoprogenitors.


Summary: Using commercial digital 3D body meshes, body segment inertial parameters of humans and animals can be estimated, expanding the possibilities and the spectrum of species considered in biomechanics research.

Summary: This approach combines fictive locomotion, elicited through the optomotor response, and calcium imaging or optogenetics, to investigate the role of neuronal populations in shaping motor output.

Summary: A new transgenic zebrafish model enables the regulated induction and resolution of systemic inflammation.


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