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Summary: Review of the Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology (SIBBM) 17th yearly meeting, held in June 2022 in Rome, dedicated to the many fascinating aspects of RNA biology.


Summary: Lung regeneration by tissue-resident stem cells represents a therapeutic target to reverse the functional decline of lung tissue in respiratory diseases. This review covers approaches to improve regenerative outcomes by promoting the function of endogenous cells, creating a regeneration-competent microenvironment or applying exogenous stem cells in cell therapy approaches.


Summary: Extreme Sonoran Desert conditions necessitate survival adaptations for endemic species. Here, we examined the strategies of Drosophila mojavensis for inhabiting the Sonoran Desert, particularly during the summer season.

Summary: Expression of the pro-social neuropeptide pth2 is downregulated in larval zebrafish with a congenital loss of lateral line function. Thus, even in social environments, fish with compromised lateral lines may experience a form of isolation.

Summary: Hypoxia leads to rapid stabilization of RGS5 in human brain pericytes, which counteracts signals essential for pericyte recruitment and retention.

Summary: Using a combination of stable isotopes and morphological measures, we assess the feeding ecology of a rare, evolutionarily unique island reptile - the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus).

Summary: Kinesin-6 proteins can move processively along microtubules as single molecules and drive microtubule gliding in multi-motor teams. However, they differ in their ability to produce force for cargo transport in cells.

Summary: This paper shown the first example of a receptor tyrosine kinase localizing to the nucleus in a tumor cell, and one of the first examples of one of the Eph family doing so, in primary rhabdomyosarcoma tumors from dog and multiple RMS cell lines from mouse and human.

Summary: Gallic acid can be used as an adjuvant in antibiotic therapy against multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Summary: There are common inter- and intra-limb coordination patterns across well-trained sprinters with step-to-step changes within individuals during the first steps of sprint acceleration.

Summary: Honey bee stocks interact differentially with two ssRNA viruses to alter the ratio of protein and lipid in foraged diet and the amount of consumed sugar syrup quantities.


Summary: Inappropriate extrapolation from digestion processes in simulated seal stomachs may result in biased estimates of odontocete diets.We simulated a forestomach, accounting for muscle contractions and a pH=4 using in vitro experiments with three fish species.

Summary: Here we present an alternative and straightforward method for the red coral Corallium rubrum that requires little equipment and saves steps.


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