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Summary: A finely tuned interplay between distinct intercellular communication mechanisms is required for both homeostasis and remodeling of the diseased heart, posing as relevant target to improve the development of therapeutic strategies.


Summary: Physical movement between bone fragments after a fracture influence healing, and are shown here, for the first time, to influence immune responses and infection.

Summary: The maldevelopment of sensory neurons in Elongator knockout embryos is associated with elevated H2A.Z and perturbed Notch signaling that can be rescued by Trichostatin A.

Summary: We revealed that ROP39 recruitments host mitochondria, possibly through its kinase activity. Exploiting components involved with recruitment of host mitochondria advances the understanding of how the parasites employ mitochondrial recruitment to survive in host cells.

Summary: This paper investigates the role of ARL13B in targeting of INPP5E to the ciliary membrane, and shows the direct role of ARL13B within cilia, independently of its ARL3-GEF activity.

Summary: We show that BMP-treated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are more likely to represent an amnion rather than a trophectoderm cell type.

Summary: Spatial difference of tracheal epithelium, especially focused on the heterogeneity of basal stem cells, is elucidated by lineage tracing in vivo, histological analysis, tracheosphere culture, and gene ontology analysis.

Summary: Analysis of the differentiation of adipocytes in vivo through cell-specific labeling in zebrafish, revealed their early interaction with blood vessels as well as early lipid metabolic changes.

Summary: Adeno-associated viral vectors are widely used for gene delivery but their impact on the different cell types varies greatly and is not well understood. We describe effects of two most popular AAV serotypes on mesenchymal stromal cells of rat and human origin.

Summary: Movement does not improve detection: The detection threshold of budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) for moving dark circular targets is similar to the detection threshold for stationary but otherwise similar targets.

Summary: The Arf GTPase-activating proteins SMAP1 and AGFG2 regulate the size of Weibel-Palade bodies and exocytosis of von Willebrand factor.


Summary: This paper provides a comprehensive characterisation of the short-term effects of administration of adeno-associated virus 8 on murine physiology, liver histology and liver transcriptome.

Summary: A multidimensional morphospace for pigment patterns yields quantitative insights into the evolution and genetics of diverse pigment patterns across zebrafish and related species.

Summary: We developed and validated a fast, flexible and rapidly customisable platform, automating both image acquisition and quantitative analysis, for high-content drug screening in live zebrafish embryos.


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