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Summary: The role of claudin-10 tight junction proteins in paracellular salt secretion across fish branchial epithelia is indicated by organ-specific responses to hyperosmotic conditions and their association with salt secreting transcellular proteins


Summary: Application of high hydrostatic pressure on somatic cells induce changes in gene expression including upregulation in pluripotency genes.

Summary: We describe a surveillance technique enabling the detection of known and previously uncharacterized pathogens present in mosquitoes. This approach could reduce the costs of vector-borne disease monitoring and provide early warning of emerging diseases.

Summary: A musculoskeletal model of human walking reveals the consistency, timing, and magnitude of lower limb muscle forces across the stance phase.

Summary: The blastopore lip contains a cue that induces the progressive establishment of planar polarity in the neural plate in the posterior to anterior direction.

Summary: The late endosomal regulator Rab7 is required for gastrulation movements and axis elongation in Xenopus by regulating early mesoderm patterning.

Summary: The freeze tolerance mechanism of Ozobranchus jantseanus, the largest metazoan animal requiring no pretreatment that can survive in ultra-low temperature, was first studied from the perspective of morphology.


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