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Summary: Exposure to forskolin or sodium taurocholate facilitates tight junction (TJ) formation in HepaRG cells cultured with entacapone and suppresses bile canaliculi dynamic changes, leading to the inhibition of TJ disruption and cell apoptosis.


Summary: Acoustic communities of different grassland biomes exhibit convergent signal space in spite of dissimilar species compositions.

Summary: Trained porpoises respond initially to sonar sound exposure with intensified bradycardia, but habituate rapidly, whereas 40 kHz pulses consistently evoke a startle, but elicit no other behavioural or heart rate changes.

Summary: We surveyed the effects of a dopamine-synthesis inhibitor on associative learning in larval and adult Drosophila. This approach can supplement genetic tools in investigating the conserved reinforcing function of dopamine.

Summary: The molecular weight cut-off of the freshwater mussel Nodularia douglasiae (22 kDa) is larger than the seawater mussel Mytilus (0.5 kDa), and N. douglasiae has better water excretion with a counter-current system.

Summary: In this paper, we examine the role of exocrine pancreas protease genes in β-cell number using zebrafish and murine models, and identify a novel relationship between the two.

Summary: This study describes a novel role of FAT1 in postnatal brain development and its potential contribution to the etiology of autism spectrum disorder.

Summary: MICAL-L1, an effector of Rab GTPases, exhibits a significant colocalization with markers of the Golgi apparatus and recycling endosomes. It is involved in cargo delivery to the plasma membrane.

Summary: In body color morphs of tropical Drosophila kikkawai, plasticity induced a higher level of resistance to cold and drought as well as three energy metabolites, which are likely to support its invasive potential.

Summary: Full onset of the maternal circulation to the human placenta at 10–12 weeks of gestation is associated with transcript changes indicative of switches in protein processing, hormone secretion, transport and vasculogenesis.


Summary: This study applies a combination of experiment in captivity and field survey that can be used as an easy methodological approach to estimate insect biomass consumed by bats.

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