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Summary: Imaging of mouse X chromosome activities reveals that they undergo reprogramming and reactivation while the primordial germ cells form clusters and proliferate in the genital ridge.

Summary: Orientation experiments with dunlins captured in Alaska during autumn migration confirm orientation to distant wintering areas. Route simulations revealed multiple compass mechanisms were compatible with the initial direction of early dunlins wintering in the Pacific Northwest, and for dunlins migrating to East Asia.

Summary: Apoptosis induces Wnt-dependent regeneration and homeostatic cell renewal in Ciona. Apoptosis is required for stem cell survival and is absent in non-regenerating body parts, suggesting a role in asymmetrical regeneration.

Summary: This paper presents a genome wide transcriptional analysis of murine middle ear epithelial cells as they undergo differentiation to a mucociliary phenotype representative of the native middle ear epithelium.

Summary: We have developed renal cell carcinoma murine model that consistently and efficiently recapitulates pulmonary metastasis while allowing in vivo monitoring of tumor progression.

Summary: CCDC170 may provide a potential therapeutic target for osteoporosis therapy.

Summary: Our work found that oviductal fluid enhances sperm dynamics and survival and mitigates the negative effects of increasing temperatures on sperm in an ectotherm model.

Summary: The thermal tolerance of Bicyclus dorothea is habitat-specific with higher CTmax in ecotone populations compared to their forest counterparts, while CTmin was relatively similar across habitats.

Summary: This paper investigates and validates the use of animal-borne accelerometers to measure energy expenditure in the smallest penguin species.


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