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Summary: Recent findings that germline and stem cell specification may differ between species may have important implications for regenerative medicine and the future of stem cell biology.


Summary: Pluripotency reprogramming by overcoming the stable epigenome of bovine cells, and uncovering precise early embryo self-renewal mechanisms enables sustenance and expansion of authentic induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro.


Summary: Human mitochondrial variation is tightly linked to mutational biases. These biases should be taken into account when using variant frequencies to predict pathogenicity. The significance of our findings is likely to extend to other genomic contexts.

Summary: We show that the developing embryonic eye of the blind Mexican cavefish suffers multiple tissue morphogenesis and cell behaviour defects that lead to coloboma.

Summary: Inositol reduces obesity and high blood (hemolymph) glucose, but can cause dramatic developmental defects. This study uses the model organism Drosophila melanogaster to explore the junction of development and metabolism.

Summary: DNAAF3 function as a dynein assembly factor for motile cilia is conserved in Drosophila.

Summary: Branaplam exhibits effects on the cell cycle but does not impair neuronal proliferation in juvenile or young adult animals, as demonstrated by immunohistochemistry and automated digital imaging.

Summary: Pom152 is a transmembrane nucleoporin important for nuclear pore complex structure and synthesis. Here we further characterize Pom152, showing that the cytosolic and transmembrane domains are sufficient for NPC localization.

Summary: The current findings provide the basis for individualized ototherapeutics that manipulate surviving cellular elements in order to bias cochlear function towards normal hearing even in the presence of dead cells.

Summary: The Golgi protein GRASP55 restricts early-stage autophagy and regulates spatial organization of the early secretory network. We also identify a GRASP55 proximal interactome enriched at the ER-Golgi interface.

Summary: This research paper focuses on the dorsal chromatic variations in Mediterranean lizards, analysing the effect of seasonality and ontogeny.


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