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Summary: The Meeting focused on intracellular Ca2+ in all its facets. More than 60 researchers discussed their most recent research related to Ca2+ stores, Ca2+-binding proteins and Ca2+-transport systems, the complexities of inter-organellar Ca2+ trafficking, the physiological outputs of Ca2+, and Ca2+ dysregulation underlying pathogenesis.

Summary: This Meeting Review explores cutting-edge research and its translational potential discussed at the 16th European Summer School on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (Spetses, Greece, 12th–19th September 2023).


Summary: This article emphasises the importance of splicing regulators in early mammalian development by uncovering roles of SRRM2 splicing factor dosage in pluripotency, providing novel insights for a better understanding of Srrm2-related diseases.

Summary: Application of machine learning methods to data collected by the International SCN8A Registry identifies clinically meaningful subgroups within the broad spectrum of disorders suffered by patients possessing gain-of-function variants.

Summary: The cricket has been employed to study the neural basis of circadian rhythms. This study presents a label-free system for measuring diurnal rhythms of behaviours based on supervised machine learning.

Summary: We studied how seed preference in canaries affects an individual's performance in handling various seed types. Surprisingly, despite considerable variability in preference, this only had weak influence on feeding performance.

Summary: This study identifies, for the first time, an adaptive role for the evolutionarily conserved purinergic P2X7 receptor in mediating regeneration following spinal cord injury in adult zebrafish.

Summary: We found that Cdc48 ATPase and its cofactor Ufd1 remove excess Cnp1 from chromatin likely in a direct manner.

Summary: Comparing heart injury responses in zebrafish and non-regenerating Japanese medaka highlights features of immune signaling, fibrotic response, and myocardial structure unique to the regenerating heart.

Summary: Observations of foraging activity in the wild play an important role in predicting the impacts of climate change in a herbivorous desert lizard, supplementing lab-based measurements of thermal variables.


Summary: We show that modifications of the Cas9 protein improve the genome editing versatility and efficiency of the CRISPR system in zebrafish, thus simplifying precise genetic modifications and allele swaps.

Summary: A novel method for maintaining healthy sediment-free Pismo clams, Tivela stultorum, in the laboratory was validated with whole-body physiological data under various environmental conditions.


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