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Current Issue
Volume 10,
Issue 10
October 2021

Biology Open (BiO) is an Open Access journal that publishes rigorously conducted, high-quality research across the breadth of the biological and biomedical sciences. It provides timely, thorough, constructive and fair peer review, with a focus on supporting researchers and reducing the pain to publish.

Our international board of research-active academic Editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Steven Kelly, comprises leaders in their respective fields. The BiO team is committed to Open Access publishing as a mechanism to widen access, promote equality and ensure sustainability in publishing in the biological sciences.

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Join the BiO Editor team

BiO is committed to supporting early-career researchers. To help us achieve this vision, we are looking to recruit a new research-active Editor to join our international team.

Previous editorial experience as an Editor is not required, just a passion for the biological and biomedical sciences and an interest in advocating for early-career researchers.

If you are an active researcher in a relevant research group or program, why not consider applying by 31 December 2021. Find out more about the role and how to apply.

BiO publishes First Person interviews from first authors of our research papers, provides funds to sponsor early-career meetings, and creates career development opportunities through our Meeting Reviews and Future Leader Reviews programs.

New Future Leader Reviews

In her review, Tania Martins-Marques describes how the finely tuned interplay of distinct intercellular communication mechanisms is required for both homeostasis and remodeling of the diseased heart. This knowledge could inform the development of therapeutic strategies.

In addition, Aaron Savage and colleagues discuss how understanding that germline and stem cell specification might differ between species may have important implications for regenerative medicine and the future of stem cell biology.

Recent highlights

Eye morphogenesis in the blind Mexican cavefish by Lucie Devos, François Agnès, Joanne Edouard, Victor Simon, Laurent Legendre, Naima El Khallouki, Sosthène Barbachou, Frédéric Sohm and Sylvie Rétaux

The authors show that the developing embryonic eye of the blind Mexican cavefish suffers multiple tissue morphogenesis and cell behaviour defects that lead to coloboma.

Efficient induction and sustenance of pluripotent stem cells from bovine somatic cells by Viju Vijayan Pillai, Prasanthi P. Koganti, Tiffany G. Kei, Shailesh Gurung, W. Ronald Butler and Vimal Selvaraj

Overcoming the stable epigenome of bovine cells, and uncovering precise early embryo self-renewal mechanisms enabled expansion of authentic induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro.

Future Leader Reviews

Find out more about our Future Leader Reviews – an exclusive opportunity for early-career researchers who want to establish themselves in their field. Previously published Future Leader Reviews can be found here.

Meeting Reviews

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